St Kilda3.

Match Summary

The Geelong Cats claimed its second premiership in 3 years with a thrilling 12 point victory against the St Kilda Saints. The grand final was played in cold and wet conditions. It had rained heavily the previous night in Melbourne such that the ground was particularly wet around the boundary, and there were also several heavy showers during the game. The highest ambient temperature for the game was only 11.3 °C, the coldest on record for a grand final.

One of the toughest fought grand finals of the past decade saw St Kilda lead at every break before the Cats steam rolled over the top of them late. It was an extremely close game throughout: twelve points was the greatest margin at any stage of the game (Geelong’s lead late in the second quarter, and the final margin). St Kilda fought courageously all game and were very unlucky to fall to the Geelong side at the end of the day.

Norm Smith Medallist – Paul Chapman

Team Matchups


B: 39 Darren Milburn 30 Matthew Scarlett 44 Corey Enright
HB: 4 Andrew Mackie 7 Harry Taylor 2 Tom Harley (c)
C: 11 Joel Corey 45 Cameron Ling 9 James Kelly
HF: 3 Jimmy Bartel 21 Cameron Mooney 5 Travis Varcoe
F: 20 Steve Johnson 26 Tom Hawkins 35 Paul Chapman
Foll: 24 Mark Blake 14 Joel Selwood 29 Gary Ablett
Int: 6 Brad Ottens 17 Shannon Byrnes 33 Max Rooke 40 David Wojcinski
Coach: Mark Thompson

St Kilda

B: 27 Jason Blake 43 Zac Dawson 10 Steven Baker
HB: 18 Brendon Goddard 25 Samuel Fisher 19 Sam Gilbert
C: 22 Farren Ray 7 Lenny Hayes 26 Nick Dal Santo
HF: 32 Andrew McQualter 23 Justin Koschitzke 38 Clinton Jones
F: 44 Stephen Milne 12 Nick Riewoldt (c) 1 Jason Gram
Foll: 2 Steven King 11 Leigh Montagna 13 Adam Schneider
Int: 14 Luke Ball 16 Raphael Clarke 24 Sean Dempster 15 Michael Gardiner
Coach: Ross Lyon

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