Australian Rules footballer Jack Dyer was one the the finest players of his generation. For a ruckman he was remarkably fast and his marking and kicking ability were like no other in the game. Some players achieve greatness in the game because of their skill and some were great because of their sheer toughness and attack on the football. Jack Dyer was a special individual to excel at both of these facets of the game. He made great use of the crunching hip and shoulder, but throughout his 312 games Jack was only ever reported once.
He was nicknamed “Captain Blood” after a game against Fitzroy in which he flattened three players and showed how physical the game could be played. How legal his actions would be in today’s game would be questionable.

Jack Dyer played for the Richmond Football Club in the Victorian Football League (VFL) between the years of 1931 and 1952. He is known as the heart and soul of the Richmond football club. He led the team between the years of 1941 and 1949 and won the Richmond best and fairest 6 times between the years 1932 to 1946. The Best and Fairest trophy at Richmond is immortalised in his honour, called The Jack Dyer medal

Dyer had a great sense of humour and well loved within the football community. Jack Dyer once famously uttered “I won’t say anything in case I say something” but thank goodness he didn’t always follow that advice. He is famous for a number of other quotes including – “I want you to pair off in threes.” ,“Fitzroy just copulated the opposition.”, “Bartlett’s older than he’s ever been before.” and “Lou (Lou Richards) hasn’t got any enemies … but his friends don’t like him.”

Jack Dyer was one of 12 inaugural “Legends” inducted into the Australian Football Hall of Fame. He later turned to coaching and work in the media as a popular broadcaster and journalist. There is absolutely no doubt that Dyer was one of the greatest players of his generation. He sadly passed away on August the 23rd, 2003. His death was a loss for the entire VFL / AFL world and his achievements will continue to inspire players for generations to come.

Playing Career

1931-1949 Richmond





Playing Honours

  • 2x VFL Premiership: 1934, 1943
  • 6x Richmond Best & Fairest: 1932, 1937–1940, 1946
  • VFL Premiership Captain-Coach: 1943
  • 2x Richmond leading goalkicker: 1947, 1948
  • Richmond Captain: 1941–1949
  • AFL Team of the Century
  • Australian Football Hall of Fame – Legend Status, (Inaugural Legend)
  • Richmond Team of the Century
  • Richmond Hall of Fame – Immortal Status, (Inaugural)
  • Tiger Treasure (The Strong & the Bold)
  • National Football Carnival: Championship: 1937
  • Victoria Captain: 1941, 1949

Coaching Career

1941-52 Richmond

Games Coached


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